Edwin is present on Friday and Saturday.

As a child, Edwin was attending the hairdresser every week when he was taking a secondary school. Edwin thought it would be fun to cut himself so that happened. And from day 1 he knew that this is what I have to do.

After having been to a hairdressing competition once, he also wanted to participate, he was in the national team and won one cup after the other. Seized by the virus!
And then you will be asked to provide training, for years he will work with and for Kms, first as a freelancer but now 6 years as a master educator Benelux, he also tests KMS products and works internationally on trainings, shows etc. Education is his passion and he has also obtained his teachers diploma, you never know.

As a national educator for KMS Benelux, Edwin is always up to date on the latest trends.

With this knowledge and his love for the profession Edwin can give you the best advice.

He has made the choice to sell his salon in Den Bosch and to delight the customers of Headquarters with his skills.